Reslövs church

Address: 241 72 Marieholm Show map

Address: 241 72 Marieholm

Reslövs church was built in the 10th century in the Romanesque style but already at 900 century built the first wooden church Reslöv.

There was a church made of wood at Reslöv already in the 10th century. A “new” church was built in Romanesque style either at the end of the 11th or beginning of the 12th century. The tower was finished in the 15th century. It may have served as a means of defence and storage space. The church got its present appearance in 1821. The pulpit with its rich ornaments was made by Statius Otto, a German wood-carver, in 1630. The baptismal font made of sandstone is from the 12th century and made by Martin Stonemaster (Mårten Stenmästare). The canopy above the baptismal font was made by Johan Ullberg in 1749. Ullberg also made the pulpit at Hurva Church. The altarpiece is from 1939 and was painted by Hugo Gehlin, who made altar pieces and other decorative works for several churches in the province of Skåne.

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