The Old Water Tower

Address: Kvarngatan 59, 241 38 Eslöv Show map

Address: Kvarngatan 59, 241 38 Eslöv

Welcome to the Old Water Tower in Eslöv.

The tower was built in 1950 by C.A Ambrosius as the result of private initiative. It was made of reinforced concrete, a novelty at the time. The town took over it shortly after completion. The tower is 38 meters high and has a diameter of 7 meters. It is topped by a tank with a capacity of 140 cubic meters. As it was under dimensioned for a long period, it was taken out of use and a new one constructed on Eslöv commune. The original tower was bought from the local council in 1999 by Crenova, who renovated the exterior before selling it in 2000. The tower has been the object of two art projects, including a lighting event, “Silo Silo” and “Eslöv by the Sea”.

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