Östra Karaby church

Address: 241 71 Marieholm Show map

Address: 241 71 Marieholm

A small Romanesque church without a tower, dating from the late 11th century. The 18th century rococo ornamentation has been restored to the pulpit, which was carved in the 16th century.

Östra Karaby Church stands on a hill high above the surrounding landscape, 91.47 metres above sea-level. In good weather 45 churches can be seen from here! Östra Karaby Church was built in the
12th century, and replaced an older church made of wood. It has stepped gables and is made of granite that is rough-cast in white. The porch was built in 1917, when the church was renovated. On the northern wall, between the chancel and nave, is an imprint of a big hand, which, according to legend, cannot be washed out or painted over. To the north-east of the church stands a belfry made of oak. It was completed in 1713. In fact, Östra Karaby Church is one of very few medieval churches in the province of Skåne that has a belfry. The only bell is inscribed with two quotations from the Bible: “From sunrise to sunset let the Lord’s name be praised” and “Glory to God in the Highest”.

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