Högseröds church

Address: 241 62 Löberöd Show map

Address: 241 62 Löberöd

Högseröds church dates from the 12th century and has been extensively rebuilt and renovated but has retained much of its medieval character through the years.

The oldest parts of Högseröd Church were built in the 12th century. During the Middle Ages it had a nave, a chancel, and a circular apse. It is not known when the first tower was added but it was pulled down in
1857 and replaced by the now standing tower. Of the church porch on the southern side only a portal is left. The baptismal font is from circa 1200. New pews, a new pulpit and a new altar were installed in 1915.
The altar piece by Herman Österlund depicts two of the disciples on their way to Emmaus (Vandringen till Emmaus) (Luke 24:13-35). Österlund is buried at Högseröd.

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