Hurva church

Address: Kyrkovägen, 241 94 Eslöv Show map

Address: Kyrkovägen, 241 94 Eslöv

Hurva Church is a church in the Hurva. It belongs Ringsjö parish in the diocese of Lund.

The oldest parts of Hurva Church dates back to the first half of the 13th century. The vaults, though, were made in the 15the century. Among the fixtures are a baptismal font made of sandstone, a chalice from the
17th century, and two valuable bibles. One of them is a copy of the Bible of Karl XII from 1703 and the other is a copy of the Bible of Gustaf V (1917). The latter has number 121 in the bibliophile edition printed in 200 copies. In 1748 the wood-carver and former owner of the inn at Hurva, Johan Ulllberg, supplied the church with a pulpit. This started discussions among the parishioners, who thought that Ullberg, in
his capacity as inn-keeper, was not fit to serve the church in any way. On the other hand Ullberg supplied more than twenty churches with pulpits, pews, and baptismal fonts. The churches at Skarhult and Reslöv are among these.

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