Hammarlunda church

Address: Hammarlunda kyrka, 241 64 Harlösa Show map

Address: Hammarlunda kyrka, 241 64 Harlösa

Built in the late 12th Century. The church has a round steeple, probably intended as a defensive measure.

Hammarlunda Church was built at the end of the 12th century. The circular tower was built a few years later probably for defence purposes. It is consecrated to Saint Anna. This church is one of four churches in Skåne with circular towers. The now standing church was preceded by two stave churches, one built circa 1050, but ravaged by fire in the 1080s, and then replaced by another of its kind. Hammarlunda Church has a rectangular nave, a lower and narrower chancel, and a semi-circular apse in accordance
with the Romanesque structure. Above the arches there are fragmentary fresco-paintings. The baptismal font is made of sandstone and made by Martin Stonemaster (Mårten Stenmästare) in the 12th century. The pulpit was made in the late 1630s by Jakob Kremberg. Originally it was placed in front of the chancel opening, but was removed because it blocked the view of the altar. Kremberg also made the pulpit at
Harlösa Church and several fixtures at Gårdstånga Church. The church was renovated in the 1880s and in 1965.

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