Löberöds Slott

Address: Löberöd, 241 61 Löberöd Show map

Address: Löberöd, 241 61 Löberöd

A castle very well hidden behind the surrounding tall trees in the park. Löberöd castle and the park is not open to the public.

It is not known when the very first buildings at the grounds where Löberöd Manor stands were erected.
The oldest parts were built in the 1620s. The then owner was Anna Brahe. She was also the owner of Hviderup Castle. Anne Brahe’s nephew, a member of the Ramel family, inherited Löberöd when Anne, a childless widow, passed away in 1635. The manor was in the possession of the Ramel family until 1799.
The northern wing and the eight-sided turret were added in the late 1790s. About twenty years later an orangery was added and an English park was laid out. The surrounding marshes were drained, resulting in a small lake. In 1863 the manor returned to the Ramels when a member of the family bought it in 1863, only to sell it in 1917. But 80 years later, in 1997, the property was transferred back to the family for a third time. In 1982 the main building was ravaged by fire which destroyed the roof. A complete renovation was undertaken in 1999 and 2000. The house and grounds are not open to the public.

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