Östra Strö church

Address: Östra strö kyrka, 241 91 Eslöv Show map

Address: Östra strö kyrka, 241 91 Eslöv

The village Östra Strö has a genuine village feel. In the middle of the village is Östra Strö church, surrounded by the cemetery.

Östra Strö Church is originally from the second half of the 12th century, but only the chancel is left, with paintings from the 15th century. Today it functions as the vestry. The tower is from 1794 and replaced an older tower. The pulpit is from 1592 and was made by the so called “Malmö carver”. The altar piece has a relief made in the 16th century in the Netherlands. The baptismal font is from early medieval times. In 1865 the church was renovated. The nave was re-built and the northern and southern extensions, which form the arms of the cross, were added. After extensive renovations in the early 2000s Östra Strö Church was re-consecrated in 2004.

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