Örtofta church

Address: Örtofta Kyrka, 241 93 Eslöv Show map

Address: Örtofta Kyrka, 241 93 Eslöv

Next door to Örtofta Castle is Örtofta church, built 1862nd

An inscription above the entrance of Örtofta Church says that the church was built by Henri Dücker in 1862. The new church replaced an older church from the 12th century that stood on the same spot. The
only remnant from the older church is the lower part of the church tower. Below the chancel vault is the altar piece made in 1927 by Anders Waldur; it is a well-made copy of “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. One of the more interesting objects in the church is the baptismal font made by Martin Stonemaster (Mårten Stenmästare) in the 12th century. It bears the inscription “Martin mik giardi” which translates
“Martin (or Mårten) made me”. He also made the baptismal fonts for the churches at Harlösa, Reslöv and Västra Sallerup.

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