Remmarlövs church

Address: Remmarlövs Kyrka, 24192 Eslöv Show map

Address: Remmarlövs Kyrka, 24192 Eslöv

The original church was a stone church built in the 13th century. At the end of the 19th century, the church was demolished and replaced with the current church in red brick.

Remmarlöv Church was consecrated in 1895. It replaced a medieval church from the 13th century. The new church stands some hundred metres from where the old church once stood. The pulpit, the baptismal font, and the candle holders from the 16th century are from the first church. The pulpit was made in 1753 and has pictures carved by Peter Löfberg. The monogram of the Danish king Christian IV (1577-1648)
can be seen on the canopy above the pulpit.

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