Holmby church

Address: Holmby Kyrka, 247 97 Flyinge Show map

Address: Holmby Kyrka, 247 97 Flyinge

Holmby church is a stone church originating from the 12th century The church is surrounded by the cemetery. Behind the church, seen from the road, is a grove of memorial.

The first church at Holmby was built in the 12th century. It had an apse, a chancel, and a nave. The tower was added in the early years of the 13th century. On the south side of the tower is a figure, who looks a lot like the Giant Finn in Lund Cathedral. It is believed that he is the work of Adam van Düren, who, at the beginning of the 16th century, helped adorn Lund Cathedral. In the 16th century a new crucifix was
installed. A baptismal font and a pulpit both made by Jakob Kremberg and Statius Otto were added in the 17th century. The medieval church, except for its tower, was torn down in the 19th century. The new church with its threesided vestry was consecrated in 1873.
Up to the tower stands the so called Holmby stone, a rune stone from the first half of the 11th century. Engraved on it is “Sven raised this stone after Torger, his father”. The stone had been used as a corner stone in the tower. It was moved to its present place in 1899.

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