Borlunda church

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Address: 24193 Eslöv

Borlunda church is located on an elevated site surrounded by the cemetery. Welcome!

In the middle of the 19th century the two parishes of Borlunda and Skeglinge decided to build a church in replacement of two older churches. It was decided that the old churches from the 12th century were beyond repair and thus they were demolished. The new church was consecrated in 1868. Borlunda Church is the only church in Sweden to be built in the style known as Italian New Gothic. This can be seen in the use of yellow hand-made brick stones. The Dane Ferdinand Meldahl was the architect. San Fermo Church in Verona and the cathedral in Siena are believed to have served as his models. Meldahl was also the architect behind the renovations of the castles at Trolleholm, Trollenäs and Örtofta in the late 19th century. Unfortunately, a few years after the church was opened it was discovered that the bricks used were of inferior quality. This in itself was the start of a long line of renovations. In 1992 the church was closed because of its bad condition. It was finally decided to renovate it and it was re-consecrated in 2001.
Where Borlunda old church used to stand is a natural stone with an inscription. A memorial place can be found where Skeglinge old church stood. The contours of the church have been marked with stones.
The church bell from Skeglinge is in the bell tower on the site.

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