Västra Strö church

Address: västra Strö, 241 92 Eslöv Show map

Address: västra Strö, 241 92 Eslöv

Western Sprinkle new church was built 1877th The old medieval church is torn down and the site is today marked with a wooden cross in the churchyard.

Västra Strö Church was built in New Gothic Style and completed in 1877. The building was paid for by Baron Nils Trolle. It was made of granite, and has a nave, a chancel, a five-sided apse and a quadrangular
tower. The medieval church, which stood a short distance away from the new church, was pulled down. Its location is marked by a cross made of wood. The church bell from the first church is placed in the chancel. The altar piece from 1877 was painted by the Danish artist Christian Andreas Schleisner.
Underneath it is a quotation from John 20:17: “Do not cling to Me, for I have not yet ascended to My Father”. The carpet in the chancel depicts Jesus’s footsteps. The organ is special because it only has one
manual and a few pedals. It was made in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1877. Rock and pop singer Per Gessle was married in Västra Strö Church in 1993.

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