Trollenäs church

Address: Trollenäs Kyrka, 241 92 Eslöv Show map

Address: Trollenäs Kyrka, 241 92 Eslöv

Nils Trolle, baron of Trollenäs castle built Trollenäs church, designed by Danish architect JJ Eckerberg

Trollenäs Church was completed in 1860 and replaced the churches at Näs and Gullarp. The material for the new church came from the medieval church at Gullarp. The building was paid for by Baron Nils Trolle, who also paid for the new church at Västra Strö. The altar piece is a copy of the Danish artist Bertel
Thorvaldsen’s work “Christ”, which can be seen in the cathedral of Copenhagen, Denmark. The pulpit and the altar piece are also copied on the same objects in the cathedral of Copenhagen. The painting hanging on the northern wall depicts the bringing down of Christ from the cross.

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