Bosarps church

Address: Bosarp, 24192 Eslöv Show map

Address: Bosarp, 24192 Eslöv

Bosarps old 1100-century church was demolished in 1867 and the new was built, including stones from the old church.

In 1867 the old Bosarp Church from the 12th century was pulled down and a new church was built on a nearby hill 500 metres away from the location of the old church. Material from the old church was used when building the new. The baptismal font from the pulled down church was installed in the new church. It sits on a foundation consisting of medieval gravestones and a stone slab, which once lay on top of the
grave of the Rev. Carl Petter Wittlow, who died in 1806. The pulpit is from the 17th century and it is decorated with figures that represent the evangelists. The old grave-yard nowadays serves as a
memory grove and its wrought iron cross easily catches the eye of the passer-by. The church has two bells, one from another church that was pulled down and the other bought from Denmark in 1655. The altar is made of polished limestone and displays a beaming cross with two stylized ears of wheat on either side, all in gold. The glass paintings made by Anders Nilsson were donated in 1913 by count
Trolle Bonde, when the church was renovated. The paintings portray the Annunciation and the Resurrection. Remnants of the first church can still be seen.

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