Skarhults church

Address: Skarhults kyrka, 24193 Eslöv Show map

Address: Skarhults kyrka, 24193 Eslöv

Not far from Skarhults castle is Skarhult church, dating from the 12th century and built in Roman style. The church is dedicated to St. Nicholas.

Skarhult Church was built in Romanesque style between 1150 and 1175. The impressive southern
ornamental doorway indicates that there were well-to-do farmers in the neighbourhood. The 15th century vaults are decorated with ornamental paintings from circa 1460 and figure paintings a hundred years younger. Under the chancel is Sten Rosensparre’s crypt from the late 16th century. Sten Rosensparre
was the owner of Skarhult Castle. In 1565 the circular apse was replaced by a larger, straight apse.
The altar is from the 16th century. The pulpit and the baptismal font were made at the beginning of the 18th century by Johan Ullberg. Ullberg also made pulpits for Hurva Church and Reslöv Church. Skarhult Church is consecrated to Saint Nicholas.

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