Rönneholm Mansion - Rönneholms Slott

Address: 241 74 Stehag Show map

Address: 241 74 Stehag

Rönneholm Mansion stands surrounded by ancient woods on the banks of the river Rönne å.

Rönneholm Castle dates back to the 13th century when it was known as Stodhaug estate. The estate’s groups of buildings are divided by the river Rönne. On the south bank stands the old castle from 1811, influenced by French renaissance architecture. The third floor was added in 1882. The northern side is dominated by Borgen, an old house made of stone. Originally it was an orangery. The property has been in many hands over the years. In 1700 the Coyet family took over, staying for more than 200 years, before being bought out by a business corporation in 1918. Many of the estate’s owners have been buried at Stehag church. Today the main house is a rehabilitation centre and is not open to the general public.

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