Västra Sallerups church

Address: Sallerupsvägen, 241 36 Eslöv Show map

Address: Sallerupsvägen, 241 36 Eslöv

Built in the 13th century. Interesting paintings in the porch, nave and chapel. Various artefacts including coins from the 10th century have been found here.

Västra Sallerup Church is the original parish church for the town of Eslöv. It was built at the end of the 12th century. When the new and bigger church in the centre of Eslöv was finished in 1891, the intention was to pull down the church at Sallerup. But, instead the church was abandoned and disused for 62 years. One part added in 1793 was pulled down, though. In 1938 the parish council decided to set
aside money for the restoration of Västra Sallerup. Thus, in 1945 the renovation of the fresco-paintings began. The renovation of the church itself began in 1950 and it was re-consecrated in 1953. Three layers of paintings were discovered under a layer of lime. The oldest paintings were made in the 13th century and can be found on the northern wall. The oldest of these depicts Saint Martin of Tours when cutting his cloak into two halves and sharing one of them with a beggar. Most of the other paintings are from the 15th
century. One of the paintings can be found on a Danish stamp. Some of the paintings, for instance the flower decorations at the top of the arches, have a date when they were made (1303). This is very unusual for churches in Skåne. Some of the paintings depict the coat of arms of the Sparre family of Ellinge Manor. The baptismal font was made in the 12th century by Martin Stonemaster (Mårten
Stenmästare). The pulpit from 1615 was carved by Jakob Kremberg. Both objects were moved to the new church in 1891. They were re-installed in Västra Sallerup Church when it was renovated.
Today, the church is a very popular for weddings and christenings.

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