Trollenäs Castle - Trollenäs slott

Address: Trollenäs, 241 92 Eslöv Show map

Address: Trollenäs, 241 92 Eslöv

Not far from Eslöv you fins Trollenäs Castle. Welcome to one of Skåne's largest castle.

Trollenäs Castle was originally called Näs, and was the manor farm of the Thott family for 300 years. In 1682 Knut Ottesen Thott exchanged it for a castle in Denmark and Näs was taken over by a member of the Trolle family. The name of the castle was changed from Näs to Trollenäs in the 18th century. Still today
it is in the possession of the Trolle family. Ever since the 14th century the Trolle coat of arms is a beheaded goblin (troll). It is depicted in the wall facing the park. The story is that a brave knight outwitted a troll disguised as a virgin and cuts its head off. Trollenäs assumed its present appearance after extensive restoration work in the 1890s under the supervision of the famous Danish architect Ferdinand Meldahl. The
middle section was raised, the wings torn down and replaced by new ones with two storeys each. No major exterior changes have been made after 1893. Meldahl was also the architect behind the restoration
of the castles at Trolleholm and Örtofta.

In the park, which is open to the public, you will find the 13th century Näs church. Just below it is Borgstugan, the farm’s old brewery. Here there is a both café and an art gallery.

In the village of Västra Strö you can see Thulestenarna, memorial stones and two rune stones that are about a thousand years old. The church in Västra Strö was completed in 1877 and it was here that rock and pop singer Per Gessle got married in 1993.

Events: conferences, weddings, meals. The park is open all year round.

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