Hjularöd Castle - Hjularöds Slott

Address: Hjularöds Gods, 241 65 Harlösa Show map

Address: Hjularöds Gods, 241 65 Harlösa

First mention of a castle here is from 1391 but the present building was erected 1894-97 to the design of G Clason and L Wahlman.

Hjularöd is Skåne’s most recent knight’s residence and resembles a fairy tale castle, modelled on medieval French chateaus. The present building was built between 1894 and 1897. Three layers of stone from older structures were discovered, the oldest from the 14th century. Probably there was not a manor at Hjularöd in the Middle Ages, only a few farms and farmhouses. The first time Hjularöd is mentioned is in
1391, when two farms in the village were donated to a nunnery in the neighbourhood. As a consequence of the Reformation of the church in northern Europe in the 16th century the monasteries and nunneries were dissolved and all ecclesiastical property was transferred to the crown. The two farms at Hjularöd were taken over by the Danish crown since the province of Skåne was Danish. After the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, when Skåne became Swedish, Hjularöd was transferred to the Swedish crown but was soon handed over to private owners. In 1917 the castle was sold and the new owner added a “gentleman’s wing”, as he was expecting a visit from the Russian tsar. However, the October revolution intervened and the tsar was executed. The castle was the setting for one of the highly popular televised advent calendar series, “The Mystery of Greveholm”. Some parts of the grounds are open to the

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