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Skånes second biggest lake!

Ringsjön is divided into Eastern Ringsjön and Western Ringsjön. The lake is situated between Eslövs, Höörs and Hörbys municipalities. It´s a beautiful place to visit and has both nature reserves and historical landmarks around it.

Ringsjön is a very good lake to go fishing. Some of the fishes that you can catch in the lake are: perch, eel, pike, pike-perch, carp and much more. You can buy fishing cards at Hörby Tourist Information and on Hörby Ringsjöstrand. At Ringsjöstrand you can also rent boats.

Welcome to explore the world around Ringsjön!

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    Daycard: 50:- Week: 200:- Month: 300:- Year: 500:- Family: 600:- Children under 16year fish for free.
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