Fulltofta Naturcentrum

Address: Kvarrödsvägen, Fulltofta, 242 94 Hörby Show map

Address: Kvarrödsvägen, Fulltofta, 242 94 Hörby

Skånes Nature Centre in Fulltofta is a modern experience center which tells us about the nature and the humans impact on it - from play to facts!

Open, move, pull, walk on, listen, feel!! There are secrets that´s only shown if you feel it, hear it or touch it.
When the weather is cold and bad, come in and heat up infront of our fire in the café. Here we serve coffee, the, hot choklad, cookies and icecream. Outside there´s lots of walking paths that will take you out in the great landscape of Skåne. Some of the trails are wheel friendly. Here´s places to grill and a playground!

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    Open: January - February All days 9am-4pm March - May All days 9am - 5pm June- August All days 9am - 6pm September - October All days 9am - 5pm November - December All days 9am - 4pm The Nature centre is closed: Christmas Eve, New Years Eve, Twelth Night, Whitsun and Midsummer Eve. The Nature centre opens at 12pm: Christmas day, New Years Day, Twelth Day, Pentecost and Midsummer day.
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    Free entrance
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