La Flambée

Address: Per Bings väg 10, 242 98 Hörby Show map

Address: Per Bings väg 10, 242 98 Hörby

La Flambée is the first one of its kind in Sweden!

In a pleasant atmosphere in Önneköp we serve a delicious French cuisine. Our specialty is our tartes and Alsace wines!
We have an outdoor seating and food for take away. During the summer we´re open all nights and most of the time during the day! We are more than happy to open up for you and your friends/family!

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    +46 (0)415-604 56
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    6 of July - 18th of August: Every night from 18 8th of July - 29 July: Open for lunch every day 12pm- 2.30pm For other times please contact us.
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