Nyrups Osteria

Address: Östra Nyrup 303, 243 91 Höör Show map

Address: Östra Nyrup 303, 243 91 Höör

The Most Delicious Specialty Cheeses of Sweden. These delicacies cannot be found in the big cities of Skåne, but only in the countryside.

In Oost-Nyrup, near Höör, a few kilometers north of Lake Ringsjön, Osteria offers the most delicious specialty cheeses. This is where you can find your local cheeses, as well as products from nearby dairy farms. After you take the tour, you will be convinced that Swedish cheese is still being created with a great deal of love and passion. Of course you will be able to taste the cheeses. It is not a problem if you simply cannot get enough. You can buy some cheese to take home with you, or enjoy a cheese platter in a neighboring café.

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