Incendi Glasstudio

Address: Stenskogsvägen 2, 24330 Höör Show map

Address: Stenskogsvägen 2, 24330 Höör

The production and sales of art and utilitarian glass. Traditional glassmaking techniques, a workshop open to the public.

Paying a visit to Incendi Glasstudio, beautifully situated by the Anders Culture Centre, is a given for all visitors to Höör. The workshop is Höör´s first and only glasstudio, and here handmade glass is blown according to age old tradition.
In the open plan workshop that also encompasses a gallery and shop where Incendi art pieces and utilitarian glass goods may be purchased, the spectator is welcome to watch the process of glassmaking at first hand.

For the hot spirited
In our workshop you can experience our fiery hot furnaces and have a go at the craft of glassmaking. We will initiate and guide you through the process of taming the molten glass through the use of the glassmakers´ tools and techniques. You will practice how to marver, blow and finish a piece of glass, taking it from its hot liquid state through to a unique and finished piece.
Your finished piece may be collected the following day, or it can be sent to you for your convenience.
The cost of blowing your own glass is 950 SEK per person and offers you half an hour in the workshop. Please contact us to make a booking. Entry to the workshop is free.

The Incendi Glasstudio is run by the glassblowing couple Helena Dunér and Espen Jensen, both graduates from the Orrefors School of Glass.
Wishing you a warm welcome!
Our opening hours are: Tues – Fri 11am – 5pm, Thurs 11am – 7pm, Sat 12pm – 4pm

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