Fly fishing for rainbow and char

Address: Timan 6126, 242 95 Hörby Show map

Address: Timan 6126, 242 95 Hörby

On Ljung Kula, you can fly fish for trout and char in the scenic fishing grounds in the middle of nature, far from traffic noise. Fishing from 08:00 until no later than noon 17:00 or at sunset.

600 SEK/person incl. 2 fish, then SEK 70/kg for unprocessed fish caught.

Cancellation later than 40 days before arrival date, then no refund.

Fishing waters:
Two fisheries on a total of 16 000 m2, which gets its water from a well flow. The beautifully situated
lake is located in a natural decrease and 2.5 meters at the deepest places. Next to the lake there
the fishing grounds, 3.5 m deep with hilly ground. Beach Levees are grassy,
accessible and adapted for fly fishing.

Rainbow trout and char at 1 kg and above in the lake. Largest rainbow trout in the fjord was 6.8 kg.
Large trout we put out into the fishing waters from October to April. The largest trout 4.0 kg.
The fish grow in ponds at the farm before being planted out in the lake.
Ice fishing agreement and subject to ice.
Adjacent to the lake is lake house with benches, tables and fireplaces, freestanding barbecue
roofed, dry toilets, cleaning tables and lifebuoys.

Rules for fishing:
• No fishing is allowed to start before the fee is paid
• At the time fishing for the individual is only allowed with fly fishing
• All forms of angling is prohibited
• It is allowed only with artificial baits - PowerBait or similar baits also called fragrances are banned

Fish Times:
• Fishing from 08.00 until no later than 17:00 or sunset
• Fishing may not take place after dark. The end time specified above means that the fish cleaning, cleaning ect. is done so that the departure takes place specified time.

Catch and release rules:
• Char may not be released.
• As a fly fisherman takes you right to reattach the rainbow acc. below:
o The fish must never be lifted out of the water. The hook unloaded carefully (preferably hook without barb) with forceps or a similar tool
o Only undamaged fish in good condition (unnecessarily long twirling of the fish are avoided) must be released
o Fish hooked in the gills, eyes or bleeding fish may not be re-released
o Fish with previous injuries or diseased fish should not be put back and we'd love to see the fish

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